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Death Note Doujinshi

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Welcome to deathnote_djs, a place to share your love for Death Note and DN doujinshi. This is not a pairing specific community, but we do not exclude based upon the type of pairings, so everything is welcome: bl, het, and yuri. If you are enthusiastic about Death Note and wish to discuss issues besides doujinshi, that's welcome, too. But please remember that this is a primarily doujinshi centric community and lengthy discussions do not belong here.

Plus as a general rule, please do not redistribute any scans of raw or scanlated doujinshi outside of the community if the poster does not wish for them to leave this community/. Posters who do not want redistribution should say so in the notes to their posts.

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All of our R18/NC-17 material are for members only. You do not need to be a member to view PG/PG-13 doujinshi, just simply Watch us. To become a member and be able to see R18/NC-17 material, you must be 18+ and you must read and follow these steps before you can be accepted:
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↑New Members must comment here right after/before joining or they will not be added as members of the community


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All text and images posted to this community are meant for fun and artistic merit rather than profit. All Death Note characters are property of Ooba and Obata and the manga publisher, Shueisha, as well as the anime producer, Madhouse Studios.

Characters depicted herein are all over the age of majority and the images and stories depicted or described are works of fiction and not meant to have any basis in real life or be encouragement for any real life action.

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