Looking for some Akane doujinshi

Hi all!
I'm looking for a doujin drawn by Akane, it has no title and we can find the first page on deviantart:
does anybody still have it on his computer?
I'm looking for few other Akane's ones too: Pathos and The last birthday.
If anybody could share those with me, I will be very happy. Thanks!

The Blank Rune Death Note Anthology (selective scanlation)

The Blank Rune
Title: In the Separate Room
Doujinka/Circle: AKIYAMA Shinobu/ Emotional Q
Pages: 23-26
Summary: The first direct talk between Misa and Matsuda.

Four 4komas
Doujinka/Circle: Thomas/GROOVE TUBE
Pages: 33-36
Characters: L&Chief Yagami; Matsuda&L; L&Light; Light&Ryuk

...sharing here because it's Matsuda's birthday today ^^"