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緊縛王子/kinbaku ouji (bound prince) game download :')

so, you've searched the whole internet and can't seem to find this game ANYWHERE, right? well... i'm about to save you some precious time :0

(BEFORE YOU ASK: no, i cannot for the love of god find the english translation. trust me, i went as far as some spanish girl's personal blog from 2013 ;_; however if any of you have it PLEASE do send it to me!!)

somehow i managed to salvage the original japanese version, as well as a chinese translation of the game with a folder containing the gallery of all the game's images (which you can already find on sites like rule 34 for your convenience, LOL)

i'll put down links at the end of this post but there's three things you should know first:

1. You need to change your locale to china or japan (which can be done through the control panel by clicking "region")

2. You might also have to add the individual languages to your computer for the game to run

3. You should rename all the files with foreign characters to letters your computer recognizes, in my case, letters from the greek alphabet (緊縛王子.exe ---> Bound_Prince.exe) 

i'm currently working on how to get the text to load via someone I met on youtube HELP... stay tuned i'll figure this out soon

Click here for the chinese game download 

Click here for the japanese game download 

Enjoy!! X)


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