Kylara (kylara) wrote in deathnote_djs,

[Scanlation] BeLoved by Rotsurechiriha & Menoko Kamuy

Title: BeLoved
Circle: Rotsurechiriha & Menoko Kamuy
Doujinka: Chiyo & Yuuta

Scanlated by chainedheart_dn & kamibana.
- Scanned by necrohamster.
- Translated, cleaned, and typeset by kylara.

Focus: Beyond x L.
Pages: 25
About: A two part story featuring Beyond and L while at Wammy's House. In the first story: Beyond will show L that he's not just a replacement. In the second story: A young Beyond is caught wandering into L's private study.
Content: Dubcon kissing as adults; loneliness, general cuteness as kids.

Download at Kamibana || Download at Chained Heart

Tags: death note doujinshi, doujinka::menoko kamuy, doujinka::menoko kamuy + rotsurechiriha, doujinka::rotsurechiriha, l, l lawliet, pair:: bbxl, scan::chained heart, scan::kamibana, scanlated, scanlation, title::beloved

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