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raw-scan exchange?

Hey guys~
I'm looking for these raw-scans. I know they exist, but I can't find them anymore. Maybe someone still has one or more of these and could upload?
In return for this favor, I'd happily upload scans from my 360+ collection for you, if you can't find a certain doujin anymore ._.

searching for:

Datsuryokukei (Hissatsu Pancher)
Kasou (Ciel & Mokuba)
Killer (KUJOU Aoi / Sengoku)
Lovesick (L.M.T.)
LR Zenshounen (Pink Panthers)
L wa LOVE no... (ATTIC)
moon light waltz (L.M.T.)
Ojisan to isshyo [something with L, Raito and Watari]
Play with me [mafia!guys/Mello; Gevanni/Mello]
Ringo no Uta 8 (Satorio)
Shake!6 (Ultimate Powers)
Shinigami ni aisareta shoujo (Chugoku)
Soshite Boku wa, Tohou ni Kureru - And I am puzzled (DELIC)
Subete no Hoshi ga Futari wo Terasu (Hanamachi)
Umisuna Total Collection (Crimson Comics)
Void (ZeroHaku)

Srzly, guys... before posting huge request-lists here, CHECK the MEMORIES of this community! Most doujinshis can be found EASILY here and on Aarinfantasy!

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